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Credentials for Access

In order to gain access to the Computer Lab, patrons must have one of two things:

  • A library card in good standing (no overdue materials or fines) OR
  • A day pass.  Available at the Front Desk, day passes can be used if you forget your library card or are just visiting for the day.

Time Limits

Patrons are guaranteed at least one hour on a computer.

Workstation Occupancy

A maximum of two (2) patrons are allowed at one computer at any given time.

Age Requirements

Children under 13 are recommended to use the public computers upstairs in the Children’s Department.

Small children must be secured in a stroller, carrier, etc.

Personal Property

Patrons are responsible for removal of private information stored on the Temporary Patron Drive.

Patrons are responsible for all personal belongings.  Any personal items left in the Computer Lab, such as removable media and other electronic devices, will be taken to Lost & Found.  See the Circulation Department for disposition of Lost & Found items.

Cell Phones

Patrons must silence cell phones and pagers while in the Lab. Calls must be answered in the Library lobby, not in the Computer Lab.

Print Fees

Patrons are responsible for paying for ALL print outs.  There are no free prints.  See the Printing and Services page for more information.

Banning Policies

  • Viewing pornographic images: first time offense is a ban of 30 days from the Library; second offense constitutes a ban of 6 months from the Library.
  • Verbally abusive, disruptive, uncooperative, or threatening behavior: first offense is a ban of 30 days from the Library.
  • Deliberate abuse or destruction of computer equipment: permanent ban from the Library.
  • Violent act (punching, pushing, hitting, brandishing a weapon): permanent ban from the Library.

Acceptable Use Policy

In order to use the library’s computers, patrons must agree to the Acceptable Use Policy.