Mar 082018

Libraries are moving PA Forward!

Libraries are community centers of information, technology and learning that fuel educational and economic opportunity for all citizens.

Pennsylvania’s libraries promote the essential literacies people need to meet life’s demands and reach their greatest potential. And now, through the “PA Forward” initiative, libraries across the Commonwealth are speaking with one voice to highlight the ways in which they foster literacy.

The Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library is proud to add its voice to this effort.

MC-NPL promotes literacy with our collection and our programs and events. Beginning in late winter 2018, we are highlighting a selection of our rich offerings that promote the five literacies that are the backbone of PA Forward: Basic Literacy, Information Literacy, Civic and Social Literacy, Health Literacy and Financial Literacy.

By promoting essential literacies, libraries are powering a better future for everyone.  Literacy is power, and libraries–including MC-NPL–are moving #PAForward.