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Melanie Green is a local illustrator and comic book artist in Philadelphia. She enjoys creating the strange and unusual along with pop culture references.




1) Is there a work of art/media that inspired you to do what you do now?

There are definitely a few works of art/media that led me to where I am now with my art. The French comic Skydoll had a huge impact on how I draw characters, along with the art style of James Jean. The anime series Kill La Kill and short film Dead Leaves both influenced how I try to portray action scenes and just the general flow from panel to panel. If I never encountered these pieces of art who knows what my own art would look like.

2) What games, if any, do you play? (video-, tabletop-, RPG, board-, etc.)

I am always a fan of puzzle games in general. Dungeons and Dragons is always a favorite of mine, along with Settlers of Catan. Most fighting games like Super Smash Bros and Soul Caliber are always a favorite. Currently Zelda Breath of the Wild is where all my gaming attention has been focused.

3) Do you have any fun memories from a previous MontCo Comic Fest you would like to share?

I always enjoy seeing all the returning artists each year at MontCo comic fest. It’s great catching up and seeing what’s new with their own projects.

4) If you could have any superpower what would you choose?

I thought long and hard about what super power I would have if I could have any. In the end it came down to shape shifting, although most of the time this power would be used to turn into random animals!