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Public Computers at Main Library


The first floor of the library has eight computers available for public access computing. There are seven computers on the second floor in the Children’s Department. All of the computers offer internet access and Microsoft Office productivity software. These computers are available during regular library hours except they are shut down about 15 minutes before the library closes.

During times when school is not in session, preference is given to children on computers in the Children’s Department. Also available in the Children’s Department is an Early Literacy Station, a computer pre-loaded with 45 educational software titles for ages 2-8.

In addition to these fifteen computers, there are sixteen computers in the Computer Lab. The Computer Lab has different policies and procedures for accessing their computers so please follow the link for more information on using Computer Lab computers.

To comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, library computers are subject to internet filtering. Adults who provide proof of age 17 and older can have the filtering disabled for blocked websites, as long as the websites abide by our internal guidelines for appropriate use of the internet. Note: Filtering is not disabled for anyone at any time in the Children’s Department.

Computer service sessions are managed by special software. If the computer is available for service, it will have an “Available” statement on the opening screen. You may simply sign on using your library barcode number. If you forgot your library card, are from out of town, or are just visiting for the day, guest passes are available at the Circulation Desk and Children’s Desk.

The computers on the first floor have an initial session lasting 30 minutes. Sessions can be extended in 15 minute increments for up to an additional 30 minutes of time. The computers in the Children’s Department on the second floor also have an initial session lasting 30 minutes. Sessions on the children’s computers can be extended by asking a staff member.

All computers are linked to a printer for public printing. Print fees are charged by the page. See the Printing page for more information about printing at the library.