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Printing in the Computer Lab: The lab is still using a manual system for printing to a Black and White laser printer. The patron initiates all printing from various platforms but staff assistance available and encouraged in order to avoid unwanted copies. Patrons are responsible for all prints from their computer. Fees are $.15 per page for text, $.50 or $1.00 for pictures, depending on size.

All of the other Public Access computers are linked to a black and white laser printer and include print management software that will give the cost of the print job before it is released to a printer.. Prints from first floor computers go to a printer in the Front Office next to the Circulation Desk. There is another printer in the Children’s Department which handles prints from their computers. You would then collect and pay for your prints at the Children’s Desk or the Circulation Desk. Be sure to remember which computer you were using when you printed.