Apr 022014

Used books donated to the Library by Patrons or withdrawn from the Library collection are on display in our Used Book Room.  The room is staffed by volunteers from our Friends of the Royersford Free Public Library organization.  Books may be acquired for a small donation (suggested donations are posted).  Proceeds support Library Programs.

We welcome your donations of gently used books.

Please NO:

  • Books with loose or missing pages
  • Books with covers removed
  • Books with water damage
  • Books having a strong odor of mildew, pets, or tobacco smoke.
  • Textbooks
  • Magazines
  • Computer books older than 5 years

The Used Book room is open during normal library hours.

PLEASE HOLD OFF ON YOUR DONATIONS OF BOOKS UNTIL AFTER MAY 1, 2014 We are trying to trim our inventory in order to prepare for new flooring to be installed mid-April.  Thank you for your patience!

Nov 302013

Browse our new Bake Me a Story picture book collection and companion baking pans!  You may check out any of our new picture books and also a related baking pan to do a reading and baking activity at home with your child.  The new books and baking pans are now a part of the permanent collection at Royersford Free Public Library and are available to patrons on an ongoing basis, using our normal check-out procedures.

The new collection is geared to pre-kindergarten and elementary school children.  Parents play a key role as teachers in developing early literacy skills in children.  Activities such as listening to the story, discussing the story with parents, and baking a cake develop vocabulary, word knowledge, reading enthusiasm, left-to-right/top-to-bottom process skills, narrative skills, letter recognition, and phonetics. The baking activity involves counting, adding, subtracting, fractions, measuring, following directions, estimating, telling time, observing, predicting, weighing, and testing, all of which support math and science skills.

Books and pans can be checked out together or separately. The books all have a list of pan suggestions inside the front cover, but patrons don’t have to stick with those. Patrons must come to the Royersford Free Public Library to check out a pan. They will not be sent to other libraries through the inter-library loan service. We are also asking that patrons bring the pans back to the service desk at the library for check-in and please do not use the outside book drops.

The Bake Me a Story picture books and companion baking pans have been sponsored by a grant from Target Corporation.  We appreciate their support and commitment to education.


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Oct 282013

Staff from our State Representative Mark Painter’s office will be available at the library to assist you with State matters, on the fourth Tuesday of each month.  His main office is at 600 Heritage Drive, Suite 102, in Sanatoga, just off High Street in Sunnybrook Village and next to Parma Pizza. For more information visit: http://www.pahouse.com/painter/index.asp?pg=PAHouseNews&doc=30131.

View the April calendar flyer for more information or our online event calendar: list view or month view.

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Aug 262013

A great resource for those who use Medicare, those who help someone with their Medicare, and those who will be new to Medicare soon. Bring your questions and paperwork.

You must PREREGISTER for this event.  FREE

View the April calendar flyer for more information or our online event calendar: list view or month view.

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