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Feb 072024




Conshohocken Seed Catalog

In partnership with the Conshohocken Community Garden, Longwood Garden’s Community Reads & Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. Launching mid-February 2024.

Use your library card to check out a seed pack from the catalog found on our New Release Adult Fiction shelf as you enter the library.  Well debut new seeds each month!  You may take one of each seed pack type available per household each month while supplies last!.  Seeds available in our catalog were donated by Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.  We also thank the Conshohocken Community Garden for their generous support in funding material and knowledge on how to get started.

In February we will have frost hard seedlings you can start in doors for early spring planting.  Selections include:

  • Green De Belleville Sorrell- Love in the native cuisines of Europe, Asia and Africa!  Tart, lemony leaves, available in early spring, before many annual crops can even be sown!  Slow bolting.  Perennial, also can be grown as annual.  Harvest tender leaves starting in early spring, stopping when hot weather turns the leaves bitter.  Remove flowering tops to keep leaves tender and to prevent unwanted volunteers.  May become invasive in some climates.
  • Red Ursa Kale A cross between Red Russian and Siberian kale bread by Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed, Corvalis, Oregon in the 1990s.  24″ tall and wide.  Extra frilly with striking dark red to purple stems and rice green leaves.  Best grown in frosts of spring or fall.  Direct seed transplant 2-4 weeks in spring or 6 weeks in fall before frost dates.  Prefers rich soil.
  • Tatsoi- Small spoon-shaped green that delivers a unique flavor.  A dependable source of vitamins in cool winter months.  Extremely cold tolerant.  Shines through tough winters, bringing a healthy dose of those much-needed vitamins and minerals.