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Dec 192014

The Books-Go-Round truck is in the early literacy business and as in any business we follow best practices.  Five early literacy practices — established by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) and the Public Library Association (PLA) —  are as follows:

* Talking

* Singing

* Reading

* Writing

* Playing

We attempt to integrate as many of these practices as possible in our monthly library programs for preschoolers.  Turns out, research supports the efficacy of the activities teachers, librarians and others who work with young children have been doing all along.   Visit  Kent (Ohio) District Library’s helpful website  to learn more.

  One Response to “Every Child Ready to Read”

  1. It’s really aomswee that you still have those books! I don’t know what happened to all of mine. My dad really loved to read, and we were always going to the mall to go to the bookstore. It was usually a once a week trip, and some weeks we’d go to the library instead. I miss the old library in Conroe. They moved to a bigger, fancier location. The old one was small, old, and cozy. I think I checked out every book on ghosts and supernatural stuff they had in the kids department. The thing I’m most grateful for is that my dad taught me to love books. In high school I started taking Honors English classes because I wanted to be around more people that liked to read, but still ended up being too much of a bookworm for my classmates. Even working in a bookstore, I’m still too much of a bookworm for the people around me!

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