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Five-Star Booklist 2013

Book cover of The Hit The Hit
by David Baldacci
Skilled assassin Will Robie is asked by the U.S. government to track down fellow assassin Jessica Reel, who has gone rogue, but during his pursuit of Reel, Robie realizes that her betrayal may be concealing a larger threat that could impact the whole world.
Book cover of Rush Rush
by Maya Banks
Mia Crestwell enters into an intense, secretive relationship with her older brother's best friend, Gabe Hamilton, that leaves them both open to risk and betrayal. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Inferno Inferno
by Dan Brown
An illustrated gift edition of the international best-seller traces the effort of Harvard professor Robert Langdon and resourceful doctor Sienna Brooks to decode an obsessed scientist's secrets about Dante's apocalyptic masterpiece. By the best-selling author of The Da Vinci Code. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Six Years Six Years
by Harlan Coben
Six years have passed since Jake Sanders watched Natalie, the love of his life, marry another man. Six years of hiding a broken heart by throwing himself into his career as a college professor. Six years of keeping his promise to leave Natalie alone, and six years of tortured dreams of her life with her new husband, Todd. But six years haven't come close to extinguishing his feelings, and when Jake comes across Todd's obituary, he can't keep himself away from the funeral. There he gets the glimpse of Todd's wife he's hoping for . . . but she is not Natalie. Here begins Jake's search for the woman who broke his heart and who lied to him, a search which puts his life in danger.
Book cover of The Kill Room The Kill Room
by Jeffery Deaver
Renowned investigator and forensics expert, Lincoln Rhyme, is drafted to investigate the sniper-killing of a U.S. citizen in the Bahamas. While his partner, Amelia Sachs, traces the victim's steps in Manhattan, Rhyme leaves the city to pursue the sniper himself.
Book cover of Gone Girl Gone Girl
by Gillian Flynn
When a beautiful woman goes missing on her fifth wedding anniversary, her diary reveals hidden turmoil in her marriage and a mysterious illness; while her husband, desperate to clear himself of suspicion, realizes that something more disturbing than murder may have occurred. By the best-selling author of Dark Places. 70,000 first printing. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Fall Of Giants Fall Of Giants
by Ken Follett
Follows the fates of five interrelated families–American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh–as they move through the dramas of the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the struggle for women's suffrage.
Book cover of Touch And Go Touch And Go
by Lisa Gardner
When Justin and Libby Denbe, along with their beautiful 15-year-old daughter, disappear, investigator Tessa Leone must race against time to expose the Denbes' darkest secrets to discover who would want to kidnap such a perfect little family and just how far they are willing to go.
Book cover of And The Mountains Echoed And The Mountains Echoed
by Khaled Hosseini
Afghanistan, 1952. Abdullah and his sister Pari live with their father and step-mother in the small village of Shadbagh. Their father, Saboor, is constantly in search of work and they struggle together through poverty and brutal winters. To Adbullah, Pari, as beautiful and sweet-natured as the fairy for which she was named, is everything. What happens to them-and the large and small manners in which it echoes through the lives of so many other people-is proof of the moral complexity of life.
Book cover of 11/22/1963 11/22/1963
by Stephen King
Receiving a horrific essay from a GED student with a traumatic past, high-school English teacher Jake Epping is enlisted by a friend to travel back in time to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a mission for which he must befriend troubled loner Lee Harvey Oswald. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Deeply Odd Deeply Odd
by Dean Koontz
Odd Thomas journeys through California and Nevada after a vision about the murders of three children, an effort throughout which he befriends a series of eccentric helpers who become allies in a battle against a sociopath and a network of killers.
Book cover of The Dressmaker Of Khair Khana The Dressmaker Of Khair Khana
by Gayle Lemmon
The news arrives and everything changes — A time of good-byes — Stitching the future back together — The plan goes to market — An idea is born– but will it work? — Class is in session — An unexpected wedding party — A new opportunity knocks — Danger in the night sky — Kabul Jan, Kaweyan, and Kamila's faith in good fortune.
Book cover of Starting Now Starting Now
by Debbie Macomber
After being let go from her competitive, high-pressure Seattle law firm, Libby Morgan reaches out to old friends and spends her afternoons at A Good Yarn, the local knitting store, where she forms close bonds with three women and finds time for romance with a charming and handsome doctor who seems to be her perfect match. But just as everything is coming together, Libby must make a choice that could forever change the life she holds so dear.
Book cover of Walking Disaster Walking Disaster
by Jamie Mcguire
Can you love someone too much? Travis Maddox learned two things from his mother before she died: Love hard. Fight harder. His life is full of fast women, underground gambling, and violence. But just when he thinks he is invincible, Abby Abernathy brings him to his knees.
Book cover of Return To Sender Return To Sender
by Fern Michaels
At seventeen, Rosalind Townsend finds herself pregnant and alone. Her father, deeply religious yet cruel, throws her out of the house. Nick Pemberton, her baby's father and the man she naively hoped to marry, rejects her. Yet even at the lowest point in her life, Rosalind vows to succeed on her own terms, and to give her son, Will, all the love and happiness she's been denied. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Time Of Death Time Of Death
by J.D. Robb
Collects three of J.D. Robb's “In death” novels as Lieutenant Eve Dallas searches for a killer promising immortality, a ritualistic murderer, and a woman missing from aboard a New York City ferry. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Unintended Consequences Unintended Consequences
by Stewart Woods
Traveling to Europe under strange circumstances, attorney Stone Barrington finds himself at the center of an unusually complex mystery involving two unexpected invitations and an intricate puzzle that leads him into the rarified world of European billionaires. – (Baker & Taylor)