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Culinary Crimes


A Menu of Food-Themed Mysteries

Book cover of Pies and Prejudice Pies and Prejudice
by Ellery Adams
After discovering her hidden talent for enchantment, Ella Mae opens the Charmed Pie Shoppe, but her dream is short-lived when the fiancé of her nemesis, Loralyn Gaynor, is found murdered with Ella Mae's rolling pin. Original. 40,000 first printing. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of A Fatal Feast A Fatal Feast
by Donald Bain
Suffering from writer’s block with both her novel’s deadline and Thanksgiving fast approaching, Jessica Fletcher and her friend, Scotland Yard Inspector George Sutherland, stumble upon the body of man with a carving knife stuck in his chest. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Bookmarked for Death Bookmarked for Death
by Lorna Barrett
When a bestselling author is found murdered in her bookstore, and the police and media demand answers, Tricia Miles must read between the lines to solve this mystery before it's too late. Original. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of The Marigold Mafia The Marigold Mafia
by Elisabeth Bastion
Lucille probes into the death of a host in his garden after a journalist suggests that an eco-terrorist group may be responsible for the crime in order to stop the black market distribution of the harvest of stolen rare seeds. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Monsieur Pamplemousse on Vacation Monsieur Pamplemousse on Vacation
by Michael Bond
Monsieur Pamplemousse is looking forward to a well earned break in the South of France courtesy of his employer – all he has to do is collect an artwork for Le Guide's Director. But when his contact fails to show and a dismembered body is washed up outside the hotel the holiday mood evaporates.- (Blackwell North Amer)
Book cover of The Track of Sand The Track of Sand
by Andrea Camilleri
After a bludgeoned horse ends up on the beach of his seaside home, then subsequently disappears, inspector Salvatore Montalbano, along with the help of his illiterate housekeeper, must probe the incident's connections to the Mafia and the underworld of horseracing. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Red Wine Goes with Murder Red Wine Goes with Murder
by Paula Carter
Decorators Hillary and Jane head to the south of France to a prestigious culinary school, where a corpse uncovered in a vat of wine has caused considerable consternation. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Fear of Frying Fear of Frying
by Jill Churchill
Checking out a kid's summer camp, Jane and Shelly discover the body of a victim who had been killed with a heavy-duty skillet, but things turn bizarre when the body disappears and the victim reappears, alive. 25,000 first printing. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Allergic to Death Allergic to Death
by Peg Cochran
When restaurant reviewer Martha Bernhardt drops dead after eating one of her signature dishes, Gigi Fitzgerald, who prepares calorie-conscious meals, must get the skinny on a killer before her diet catering business goes off track. Original. 25,000 first printing. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Murder by Mocha Murder by Mocha
by Cleo Coyle
In the 10th installment of the bestselling Coffehouse mysteries, Claire investigates the murder of a website editor after the launch of online sales for a java love potion called “Mocha Magic Coffee” made with her own Village Blend coffee beans. 35,000 first printing. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of The Riesling Retribution The Riesling Retribution
by Ellen Crosby
When a tornado destroys some of her newest grapevines and unearths the grave of a murdered man, Lucie Montgomery finds herself having to defend her father's innocence in the face of increasing evidence, a situation that is further complicated by abuse allegations that target winemaker Quinn Santori. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Murder Can Mess up Your Mascara Murder Can Mess up Your Mascara
by Selma Eichler
When her client, who believes that someone is trying to kill him, is found murdered, full-figured New York PI Desiree Shapiro, in between snacking and satisfying her penchant for pizza, sets out to catch a killer, only to discover that her number one suspect is also dead. Original. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Dead in the Pumpkin Patch Dead in the Pumpkin Patch
by Connie Feddersen
Getting ready for Halloween, a very pregnant Amanda Hazard draws on her sleuthing skills when she stumbles upon the corpse of Nettie Jarvis, the elderly owner of a local pumpkin farm and the most renowned gossip in town. Original. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Coffee to Die for Coffee to Die for
by Linda French
When Teddy's brother-in-law is murdered, the only clue is a missing valuable coffee plant, and when her sister Daisy is targeted in the investigation, Teddy struggles to find the real killer, only to stumble onto a drug deal. Original. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Devil's Food Devil's Food
by Kerry Greenwood
Corinna Chapman has more than she can handle after her estranged hippie mother shows up at her bakery, her father disappears, and two of her employees may have been poisoned by herbal tea given to them by members of a mysterious cult. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Town in a Lobster Stew Town in a Lobster Stew
by B. B. Haywood
During the 29th Annual Cape Willington Lobster Stew Cook-off, farmer Candy Holliday soon discovers that the competition is fierce when a stolen award-winning recipe leads to murder. Original. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Ghost a la Mode Ghost a la Mode
by Sue Ann Jaffarian
SUPERANNO Sue Ann Jaffarian’s spirited new mystery series features the amateur sleuth team of modern-day divorced mom Emma Whitecastle and the spirit of her pie-baking great-great-great grandmother, Granny Apples. Granny was famous for her award-winning apple pies—and notorious for supposedly murdering her husband in the orchard. Together, Emma and Granny Apples solve mysteries of the past, starting with Granny’s own unjust murder rap in the final days of the Gold Rush. Original. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Out of the Frying Pan, into the Choir Out of the Frying Pan, into the Choir
by Sharon Kahn
Polarized by a failed fund-raising attempt, the members of Temple Rita choir are dismayed by the untimely death of a star soprano whose demise is subsequently linked to a poisoning by one of her fellow singers, one of whom takes it upon herself to identify a killer during a haphazard train trip. By the author of Which Big Giver Stole the Chopped Liver? 12,500 first printing. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Dirty Martini Dirty Martini
by Joe Konrath
Lieutenant Jacqueline Daniels faces her most challenging adversary in the form of a deranged perpetrator who is poisoning Chicago's food supply, a case that is complicated by Latham's surprise proposal. By the author of Whiskey Sour. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Brewing up a Storm Brewing up a Storm
by Emma Lathen
When the leader of No-Beer Buying Youngsters (NOBBY) is murdered during a protest, it is up to John Putnam Thatcher to discover whether it was a brewery owner, a politician, or one of her own supporters who was responsible for the killing – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Beware the Solitary Drinker Beware the Solitary Drinker
by Cornelius Lehane
After his sometimes-lover, Angelina, is found dead in Riverside Park, bartender Brian McNulty agrees to help Angelina's sister Janet search for the killer in early nineteen-eighties Manhattan. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of The Coffee Trader The Coffee Trader
by David Liss
In seventeenth-century Amsterdam, Miguel Lienzo, a Portuguese-Jewish trader desperate to recover his lost fortune, enters into a partnership with seductive Geertruid Damhuis to introduce coffee to the city, and confronts a ruthless adversary. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Poisoned Tarts Poisoned Tarts
by G. A. McKevett
As Halloween approaches, P.I. Savannah Reid finds herself knee-deep in tricks and treats when a member of The Skeleton Key Three, a celebutante clique, goes missing, and the wealthy host of the annual Halloween bash is murdered. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Death, Guns, and Sticky Buns Death, Guns, and Sticky Buns
by Valerie S. Malmont
The death of a man during a small town's Civil War reenactment leaves Tori Miracle searching for the actor who crossed the bridge separating play war from the real thing. Original. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Grinning in His Mashed Potatoes Grinning in His Mashed Potatoes
by Margaret Moseley
When Twyman Towerie, the number-two best-selling author in the world, drops dead during a luncheon fundraiser, book rep Honey Huckleberry finds no shortage of suspects, including the author's four ex-wives. Original. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of The Secret Ingredient Murders The Secret Ingredient Murders
by Nancy Pickard
Chef-turned-sleuth Eugenia Potter leaves her Arizona ranch to join her teenage great-nephew and great-niece at a vacation home on the Rhode Island coast, but their holiday is soon turned upside down by the murder of Stanley Parker, her cookbook collaborator. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of A Bitter Feast A Bitter Feast
by S. J. Rozan
A seemingly simple missing-persons case leads Chinese American private detective Lydia Chin and her occasional partner, Bill, into the middle of a deadly power struggle between Chinatown rivals, federal officials, and the NYPD – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Corked by Cabernet Corked by Cabernet
by Michele Scott
When an outing on the famous Napa Valley Wine Train results in the demise of a member of her tour group, vineyard manager Nikki Sands must stop a cunning killer who has a penchant for fine wines and murder. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Extreme Cuisine Extreme Cuisine
by Kit Sloane
Film editor Margaret O'Banion and director Max Skull find themselves in the middle of a mystery when a famous celebrity-chef's body is found in a freezer. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of Chili Con Corpses Chili Con Corpses
by J. B. Stanley
Things are chugging merrily along for librarian James Henry. He has a closet filled with new clothes, a trimmer waistline, and a closer bond with his father. His only real problem is that his girlfriend Lucy's interest in him seems to have inexplicably cooled. When schoolteacher Lindy suggests the club members join a Mexican cooking class, James jumps at the idea. Over cervezas and black bean dip, the supper club members warm to their new adventure. The class heats up even more when a reporter and her friends, twin sisters with supermodel physiques, enroll. But when people start turning up dead, and the evidence points toward Lindy, things become hotter than a jalapeño. James, who was looking to add a little more spice to his life, gets much more than he bargained for. – (Llewellyn Worldwide)
Book cover of Jane Death du Jour Jane Death du Jour
by Lou Temple
In the midst of the revolutionary fervor sweeping 1790 Paris, Fanny Delarue, a young cook for a wealthy family in the Place Royale, and her head chef, Henri, embark on a high-stakes investigation into the murder of Etienne de la Porte, chef to a neighboring household and Henri's mentor, after he turns up dead under suspicious circumstances. By the author of The Spice Box. – (Baker & Taylor)
Book cover of The Christmas Cookie Killer The Christmas Cookie Killer
by L. J. Washburn
Looking forward to the end of a very unlucky year, retired teacher and amateur sleuth Phyllis Newsom enters the Christmas cookie bake-off contest for fun, but during the annual cookie exchange, she discovers the elderly Mrs. Simmons dead in a pile of lime sugar cookies. Original. – (Baker & Taylor)