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Websites for Seniors


How do I afford retirement and where can I go to find information on Medicare? If you need answers to these questions, here are some websites recommended by our library staff for you!

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    AARP is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for seniors.
    Senior Living is an on-line guide to senior living and retirement.
    Seniors Guide to Computers offers lessons on computer usage and the latest on security.
    National Institute of Health’s website for seniors offers the latest in resources on health and aging.
    The official US government site on Medicare.
    Montgomery County Pennsylvania’s web site for Aging and Adult Services
    Suddenly Senior offers information and entertainment for senior citizens.
  8. is the resource for information, products, and services for seniors
    Savvy Senior provides web resources for seniors.
    The Administration on Aging is designed to provide services to seniors.
    The Senior Adult Activities Center (S.A.A.C.) of Montgomery County provides programs to help seniors maintain an independent lifestyle.
    The official website for the US Social Security.
    The Alzheimer’s Prevention and Research website provides the latest research and treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.
    The Boomer Grandparents enables seniors to keep long distance relationships with their grandchildren.
    For seniors living at home, these resources provide information for seniors who opt for homecare in PA
    Growing Bolder provides news and information as well as current topics for seniors.
    Sixty and Me website provides information and articles for seniors.
  18. was designed to give senior caregivers gives a voice and addresses the needs of caregivers and the seniors they care for.
    Paying for senior care: Understanding your financial options for long term care. This website offers guides to your financial options for seniors and their caregivers. The site also offers product reviews, explains how Medicare Advantage part C works, senior care, and assisted living. They also have a free consultation phone number where seniors can speak with a senior care expert.
    Sixty and Me has a Computer Literacy course for seniors. This will help guide seniors on using technology and navigating video calls which are being used more since the pandemic.
    Medicare Plans Patient Resource Center provides assistance to seniors and their families and helps navigate them through the complex Medicare system.

Jennifer Hoey – Reference Librarian – Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library, updated May 17, 2023

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