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Homework Help Websites


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Need some help with your homework? Try these staff recommended web sites!

  1. Free Math Help offers lessons, games, and calculations to help students with their math. 1st-12th.
  2. Hippo offers free on-line resources and homework help from middle school to high school.
  3. Discovery offers free help to students on a variety of subjects. Grades K-12.
  4. Fact Monster offers free homework help on all subjects for students K-8th grades.
  5. Kid Info offers free homework, games, videos, and resources for PreK-12th grades.
  6. Education World offers information on web sites that provide resources for learning and homework help.
  7. Homework Spot provides free references and websites for students for homework help.
  8. Kids offers free resources for students K-8.
  9. Info Please offers free homework help and study resources.
  10. National Geographic offers homework help and educational resources for grades 6-12.
  11. Kids Konnect offers free homework help as well as educational resources and games for students K-8th.
  12. Homework Helper Ref Desk offers on-line resources for students from grades 1-12 +.
  13. Jiskha is an online site offering homework help free from on-line tutors.
  14. offers references and an on-line dictionary for free homework help.
  15. A Plus Math offers interactive math activities and homework help.
  16. College offers a list of helpful homework resources for students.

Jennifer Hoey- Reference Librarian- Montgomery County Norristown Public Library 11/7/2014

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