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Fiction Reading Lists


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Looking for a good book? May we suggest the following websites…

If you are looking for a non-fiction book please see our staff recommended list of non-fiction books!

Fiction and Genres

The website offers suggestions and guidance on books to read by the library staff.

Goodreads provides recommended lists of books in all different genres voted on by the public and staff.

Internet Archive
The internet archive offers a free library of eBooks, audio books, music, websites, and videos in both fiction and non-fiction genres.


Goodreads list of Best Fiction Books ever written.

Goodreads list of new fiction books for the adult reader

Kirkus magazine’s list of recommended fiction of 2013.

Brigham City Library’s recommended adult fiction list.

Librarian Lora Bruggerman’s blog that contains her recommendations for popular fiction

Genre Fiction booklist


Goodreads recommended list of Adventure fiction books.

Goodreads list of the best Western fiction genre books.

Hilo books recommended list of Adventure fiction books.


Goodreads list of Christian fiction books.

Pininterest recommended list of Christian fiction books.


Goodreads list of Gay, Bi-sexual, Lesbian, and Transgender fiction books.

ALA list of reviews for LGBT fiction books.

2014 list from Over the Rainbow Books recommended LGBT fiction books.


Goodreads recommended list of Historical fiction books

Alison’s blog recommended list of best adult historical fiction books.

Williamsburg Library’s list of top 100 books in the historical fiction genre.


Goodreads list of the best in humorous fiction genre.

Hennepin County Library’s recommended list of Humorous fiction books.


Goodreads list of recommended Literature books.

The Modern Library’s list of the top 100 best literature novels.

Princeton University’s recommended reading list in the genre of Literature


The Cincinnati Library’s recommended booklist of suspense fiction books.

Goodreads list of the best mystery books.

Flavorwire website’s booklist of essential mystery novels.

Political thrillers

Goodreads recommended list of Political thrillers.

Big Thrill magazines recommended list of the best political thriller novels.

Addictive books recommended list of the top political thrillers.


Goodreads list of religious fiction.

Goodreads recommended list of spiritual fiction books.

Goodreads recommended list of the best in non-Christian spiritual books.


Goodreads recommended list of Romance fiction.

Goodreads recommended list of contemporary romance fiction.

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Good reads recommended reading list of the best in science fiction and fantasy books.

National Public Radio’s list listeners picks of the top 100 in science fiction and fantasy books.

Goodreads booklist of fantasy fiction books.

Flavorwire’s recommended list of sci-fi and fantasy novels everyone should read.


Goodreads booklist of Thriller books.

Myfivekids blog’s recommended best thriller books.

Goodreads recommended booklist of horror novels.

Litreactors recommended list of 10 of the scariest stories they ever read.

Urban lit

Street fiction’s website provides lists of recommended urban fiction books.

Urban Reviews provide reviews and recommendations for urban fiction.

Goodreads list of urban fiction books.

Evanston public library’s recommended urban fiction booklist.

War Fiction

Goodreads list of the best war fiction novels.

University of Texas’s booklist guide to the Civil War fiction books.

Shortlist magazines recommended guide to the greatest war novels of all time.

Jennifer Hoey – Reference Librarian – Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library 11/7/2014

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