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Montgomery County-Norristown
Public Library

1001 Powell Street • Norristown, PA 19401 • (610) 278-5100

Computer Lab Rules and Regulations


Everyone must sign- in to the Lab with a Library Card or an Access Granted pass.*

Patrons whose Library Cards require updating will be referred to the Circulation Desk.

When the Computer Lab is at full capacity, there is a time limit of one half hour per session.

A waiting list is started at full capacity. Users who have been in the lab for the longest period of time will be asked to leave. Preference is given to adult users. (There are more computers in the Children’s Department and on the Main floor.)

There is a maximum of two (2) users at one computer. Both users must have Library Cards or Access Granted passes. *

Children age 13 and above can have their own computer. Children 12 and under must share a computer with an adult.

Small children must be secured in stroller, carrier, etc.

Patron is responsible for removal of private information stored on the Temporary Patron Drive or on USB drives borrowed from the lab.

Personal removable media left in the lab will be discarded unless it has been labeled with a first and last name. Labeled items will be taken to Lost & Found. Articles in Lost & Found are discarded after two months.

All prints made are responsibility of the patron. Base fee is $.15 each. Toner intensive prints are charged higher, up to $1.00 each.

Users must silence cell phones and pagers while in the Lab. Calls may not be answered in the lab.

*Exception made for children under 4 yrs. old accompanying a parent


Viewing pornographic images: first time offense is a ban of 30 days; second offense constitutes a ban of 6 months.

Verbally abusive, disruptive, uncooperative, or threatening behavior: first offense is a ban of 30 days. The second offense constitutes a permanent ban from the Library.

Deliberate abuse or destruction of computer equipment: permanent ban from the Library

Violent act (punching, pushing, hitting, brandishing a weapon): permanent ban from the Library