Aug 152013

The following guides and supporting files were updated in 2013 and 2014 and reflect use of a Windows 7 computer, Internet Explorer 11 web browser and Microsoft Office 2010 productivity software.

Nov 252013
Session 1 Session 2

Session 3

Supplemental Material

Dec 122013

Introduction to Excel 2010 Step-by-Step Guide


Excel Quick Reference Guide
Excel Handout 1
Excel Handout 2
Excel Handout 3

Supporting Files

Brief Introduction to Excel-Powerpoint Presentation
Practice Exercise 1 Instructions
Practice Exercise 1 Workbook
Practice Exercise 1 Results

Practice Exercise 1 Alternate
Excel Practice Exercise 2 Instructions
Excel Practice Exercise 2 Results
Excel Proficiency Exercise
Excel Proficiency Exercise Results
My Budget (up to Sort Data section)
My Budget through Step 21
Monthly Income.xlsx

Apr 082014

Introduction to PowerPoint 2010 Step-by-Step Guide


Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint2010 Quick Reference Guide

Supporting Files

PowerPoint Files

Excel File


Practice Exercise 1.pdf
Practice Exercise 2.pdf
Practice Part 1.pptx
Practice Part 2.pptx