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Andie Philo

Sep 232020

Following up on the highly successful “Covering The Gap” webinar series, PHEAA now offers
a series of one-hour webinars focused more specifically on the borrowing aspect of higher
education finance. A significant percentage of students find that grants, scholarships, workstudy,
savings, PA529, and other funding sources are insufficient to meet the total cost of
attending postsecondary school. In an ideal situation, borrowing would not be necessary;
yet, considering the lifelong value of a higher education, borrowing can be a smart
investment. Linda Pacewicz and Dan Wray of PHEAA’s PA Forward Private Student Loan
Program will provide an in-depth look at federal and private education loans, to include
calculating the amount to borrow, understanding loan terms and conditions, navigating the
application process, keeping an eye on debt levels while attending college, and effectively
managing debt after graduation. The discussion will also provide a glimpse into the world
of credit decisions. Please register below to join us for one or more of these informative
presentations. Active participation is encouraged via Q&A!


Tuesday, September 22st (6:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time)
Wednesday, September 23th (12:00 pm/Noon Eastern Daylight Time)
Tuesday, September 29th (12:00 pm/Noon Eastern Daylight Time)
Thursday, October 1st (6:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time)
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Aug 252020

MC-NPL offers two book clubs via Zoom: Mystery Tuesday Book Club and Saturday Book Club.

Email Asha Verma, Head of Readers’ Services at for a Zoom link. Log in with a computer or cellphone and join the discussion!

A Zoom account is not required to participate.

Mystery Tuesday Book Club

Led byDr Monica D’Antonio, Associate Professor at Montgomery County Community College. The club meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 2 pm to discuss thriller, suspense, true crimes, noir and detective fiction.

Next meeting is on October 6th, 2020 at 2pm.

“Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid….He is the hero; he is everything. He must be a complete man and a common man and yet an unusual man.” — Goodreads

Book selections for upcoming months:

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides
The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan

Saturday Book Club

Meets on the third Saturday of each month at 2 pm.  Dr Hal Halbert, Professor at Montgomery County Community College facilitates the discussion. The club engages in all kinds of genre.

Next meeting is on October 17, 2020 at 2PM.

“Grace Healey is rebuilding her life after losing her husband during the war. One morning while passing through Grand Central Terminal on her way to work, she finds an abandoned suitcase tucked beneath a bench. Unable to resist her own curiosity, Grace opens the suitcase, where she discovers a dozen photographs—each of a different woman. In a moment of impulse, Grace takes the photographs and quickly leaves the station.

Grace soon learns that the suitcase belonged to a woman named Eleanor Trigg, leader of a ring of female secret agents who were deployed out of London during the war. Twelve of these women were sent to Occupied Europe as couriers and radio operators to aid the resistance, but they never returned home, their fates a mystery. Setting out to learn the truth behind the women in the photographs, Grace finds herself drawn to a young mother turned agent named Marie, whose daring mission overseas reveals a remarkable story of friendship, valor and betrayal.” — Goodreads

Book selections for upcoming months:

Leavers by Lisa Ko

We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter


Apr 072020

Please join Ash Aragam, our library volunteer and Certified Yoga Instructor, for online sessions of his Gentle Hatha Yoga Instruction.

Ash will be conducting live sessions on YouTube on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM, Saturdays at 9 AM and Sundays at 10 AM.

Simply go to to in a browser and type Ash2000 in the search box. On Ash’s channel you will be able to view the live sessions as well as past sessions.

Jun 062018

Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday

The Anime Club is the place to watch popular Japanese animated series on the big screen. Mob Psycho 100, My Hero Academia and DragonBall Super are just some of the shows that will be viewed for anime fans’ enjoyment. Manga drawing lessons, craft-making, and snacks are also included in the meetings!

Stop by every 1st and 3rd Wednesday and watch Goku save (and almost destroy) the universe again!

Ages 12 – 18 only.