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Jan 252024

Join us on Saturday, March 9, 2024 at 2pm in the community room when Dr. Daisy Century will bring Harriet Tubman to life.  Dressed as Tubman, Dr. Century will use her amazing storytelling abilities to re-enact what it would be like to meet Harriet Tubman.  Many of us know Tubman for leading slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad. Did you also know she was a civil war spy?  Learn about this and many other aspects of an amazing and inspiring life.  No registration necessary. Appropriate for all ages.


About Dr. Daisy Century (from her website):

As an Actress/Historical Interpreter
Daisy defines her role as a Historical Interpreter because she becomes that character.  She dresses like the character from that particular time period and weaves their story to the audience from birth to death.  She engages the audience through every phase of their life.  The audience  will be right there to laugh, cry, sigh, and cheer as the character unfolds right in front of their eyes.  The performances are usually 35 minutes to 1 hour long.  There is always room for questions at the end.

As an Educator
Dr. Daisy Century has her Ed.D.  She taught for over twenty years in the Philadelphia School System as an award winning science teacher.  She has become quite a history hound and historian researching information for her historical  interpretations.
As a Writer
Daisy has penned four books thus far. Stay tuned for new books in the near future.