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Jun 082021




Makin’ Music with Mr. Dan (Dan Bower) provides music enrichment and fun with rhythm and movement for children ages 0–6.

For Makin Music interactive Zoom classes, you will need:

  • An internet connection and your computer, phone, or tablet.
  • We will host our interactive classes through the free web conferencing software, Zoom. Your teacher will provide you with a meeting link for each class that you can open either in the Zoom app or on Zoom’s website. We recommend that you use the app instead of a web browser. Download the Zoom app here:
  • A safe space to conduct class; it’s best to enjoy our class in an area of your home that has enough space for you to stand up and dance and that is relatively free of toys and distractions.
  • It will be handy to have:  
    • “Instruments” (we’ll talk about making homemade sticks & shakers)
    • Stuffed animals (aka babies)
    • Scarves (winter scarf or a bandana, even a clean kitchen towel works) 
  • Virtual classes will be 30 minutes. The lesson plans will include a variety of activities and instruments, including moments where children can be highlighted so their classmates can view them on the “big screen!” There will be music and dancing and jumping to try and encourage active kids to be active with the music!
I can’t wait to see your face & make some music!!
See you on the screen 🙂 
Daniel 🙂