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Jun 032021




Wednesday, July 28-Thursday, July 29 (ages 4-10)
Stuffed animal friends will take over the library tonight!

The week before:
Pick up a kit to create your own stuffed animal friend. Choose an animal skin with stuffing, fill it and decorate the animal friend’s t-shirt.

On Wednesday, July 28, before 4PM:
Bring your animal friend back to us at the library for a special sleepover. As a pet parent, you will need to sign a permission slip to allow us to take care of your animal friend for the night. Your pet will have a lot of fun at the library overnight, playing games and reading stories with the other kids’ animal friends.

On Thursday, July 29, between 10AM and 5PM:
Pick up your animal friend, when we will have pictures and stories to share with you about the animal adventures in the library!

This program has limited attendance. If your plans change, please let us know so another child can participate.

Register HERE.