Apr 162014

Author Louis Greenstein will visit the library to discuss his novel, Mr. Boardwalk, which tells the story of Jason Benson, who first experiences the wonders of Atlantic City at age seven. Amazed and smitten, Jason decides his real life will happen here, in this magical shore town. He can’t wait to finish high school so he can move to Atlantic City permanently. But his plans go awry. More than 20 years later, we meet him as a grumpy, distant New York copywriter who has never spoken of his youth. In deftly interwoven passages, Mr. Boardwalk traces the excitement and perils of the young Jason and the moral growth of the adult who must come to terms with the past he tried to forget. While Mr. Boardwalk is his first novel, Mr. Greenstein’s previous writing has crossed multiple genres, from short stories to scripts (for the Emmy Award–winning Nickelodeon series Rugrats) to stage plays.  Don’t miss this chance to meet and hear from this gifted author, and get your own signed copy of Mr. Boardwalk! Call 610-825-1656 to register, space is limited!